Holiday Recipes for Last Minute People Pleasers

No matter how much you plan and prepare for the holidays, you are bound to have a few impromptu visits with family and friends along the way. But don’t fear the doorbell!

You’ve done all your grocery shopping so we’re sharing a few of our favourite recipes that are easy to whip together in a pinch with just a few ingredients.

When your uncle drops by unexpectedly.

Serve up a few Bacon-Wrapped Dates. They’re super easy to throw together in a few minutes and still look impressive. Chances are you already have dates for baking and bacon for breakfast. Check out the two-step recipe here.

Pour a couple of bowls of Cinnamon-Sugar Candied Pecans. Nuts are always a crowd pleaser and easy to buy in bulk. These make the perfect festive snack and take 5 minutes to prep. Check out the recipe here.

When your kids bring home an extra friend for dinner.

Pull out the cans of tuna. For a quick and easy nutritious meal that’ll feed another hungry seat at the table, we love these Tuna Salad Sundaes. It’s a fun, savory twist on make your own sundaes. Check out the recipe here.

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