Tips for Organic Living with PRANA Foods

Sometimes the hardest thing about sticking to an organic diet can be the snacks. Where do you turn when you want something a little more satisfying than fruits and vegetables? The answer for many of us is PRANA Foods. 6627dc70842eb9096aab175aac72e64dFrom their home base in Quebec, they create an extensive variety of nuts, dried fruits, seeds, sweet and savory snacks, trail mix, superfoods, cacao and coconut products, all of which are 100% organic. Plus, they are also dedicated to the environment through sustainable practices and packaging. Finally a movie snack you can really feel good about.

We caught up with Marie-Josée Richer, Co-Founder of PRANA Foods, to learn more about their story and get a few organic living tips from the experts.

1) How did PRANA become your passion and career?

Through a crazy idea I had to make a living that made sense with my values, and wanting to change the world. Hard work and some luck really paid off!

2) What is your first, or most memorable, memory of food?

In my opinion, the best food I had was in Japan. It was all just so pretty, delicate and tasty, unlike what most people might think. I am not talking about fish here because I was vegan when I was in Japan.

3) What ingredient should we all be cooking with and why?

CHIA!!! It’s so nutritious, versatile, and easy to integrate in your diet. Most of us lack Omega-3 and this is a great way to get your daily requirement. My other favourites are maple syrup, because it is too good to resist, and unrefined sea salt, a much healthier alternative to other salts.

4) Do you have a favourite or most-used kitchen tip you could share?

Add a bit of baking soda when cooking legumes to soften them. Once cooked, add some sea salt.

5) Where do you shop for groceries and why?

At my local organic ”fruiterie” because it’s full of organic vegetables and fruits.

6) What’s for dinner tonight?

Thai curry with tempeh and papaya salad.

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