Top 5 Tips for Stress-Free Grocery Shopping

For many of us, grocery shopping can be stressful. Aimlessly wandering the aisles can leave you missing the ingredients you needed to buy, and impulse buys in the junk food section inevitably add up to an overload of food you don’t really need.

This can create frustration in meal preparation, leading in turn to unnecessary trips to the grocery store—which of course starts the whole cycle over again.

We’re convinced that it’s possible to make grocery shopping a fun, easy and delicious experience.  Here are our five simple tips to guide you towards stress-free grocery shopping.


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1. Take inventory of your pantry. The first step to stress-free shopping is knowing what you already have in your kitchen. You might try organizing your pantry according to food type so you easily can tell when you are running low on a particular product. And while you’re at it, why not take a picture of your pantry and fridge, and add it to your Hiyu app? You can then refer to the photo while in the grocery store to easily remember what products you already have at home.

2. Plan your meals. Hiyu makes it easy to gather recipes and the ingredients that go with them. You can also gain inspiration from any friends and family who are also using Hiyu with shared lists that you all can contribute towards. Having this list with you while shopping allows you to remember each and every ingredient you need for the meals you want to make so that you don’t have to head back to the grocery store for that one more cursedly forgotten item. And remember too: a quick cross-reference of your pantry photo (in Tip 1) will prevent you from buying duplicates.

3. Make a list. We know—it’s a standard, but it’s got to be said. Having a list while shopping is one of the simplest ways to avoid stress while shopping. Instead of browsing the aisles trying to remember what to buy and getting distracted by the hundreds of choices (nod your head if you’ve been there), look down at your list and walk to your next goal, knowing that everything in-between is not needed. And if you’re using Hiyu, you can take making the standard grocery list a step further by adding a photo for each of your list items. Doing so lets you—and anyone you’re sharing your list with–know exactly which brand to buy. If your photo contains a price, you’ll even know how much that product should cost.

4. Have a snack before you go. Eating something before you head to the grocery store can help you avoid the snack aisle when you get there. If you’ve forgotten, or just don’t have time, we suggest having a ‘Healthy Snacks’ list to turn to. Make it beforehand, or make it right in the store, and pick up just those items. It takes strength, but we know you can do it. To improve your list, just share it with a few of your friends. Each of you can add photos of your favourite snacks. Then whenever you go shopping hungry and are tempted, you’ve got support—and some great suggestions.

5. Shake things up! Try one or two new items each trip to stay inspired in the kitchen. You can try and use traditional ingredients in new ways. Or when you’re browsing the product feed in Hiyu, ‘Like’ products if you think they’re interesting. Later on, you can browse through your favourite products and get ideas for your next shopping trip.

Hopefully these tips will help your grocery shopping and meal preparation easier.

We’d love to know what you think, and what works for you. Please share your own tips in the comments below, or visit our Facebook page to weigh in further.

You can also boost your odds of beating stress at the grocery store by getting the Hiyu app on iTunes or Google Play.

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  1. NatalieWenRoizman

    When grocery shopping with the kids we often ask them to choose one new produce item they’ve never tried before, and then make that a project of learning how to prepare it together.  It keeps them engaged as they look for something new, and gets the whole family to try something we don’t normally eat!

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